Who are the Boosters?

We are parents, coaches, district staff, alumni, and community supporters who are hard working volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of our student-athletes in the Sycamore School District.

What is the purpose of the Sycamore Athletic Booster Association?

The purpose of the Association is to support and raise incremental funds for the interscholastic athletic programs throughout the Sycamore Junior High and Sycamore High School. These funds are intended to support the athletic programs at a level higher than would otherwise be possible without outside financial support.  The mission of this association is to support participation and excellence in athletics throughout the Sycamore Community Schools Athletic Program.

How do the Boosters support our district?

Our community certainly benefits from the accomplishments and successes of our teams. Over the last several years our association has provided numerous extras for our teams, which translates into our teams having an extra edge.

When are the Booster Meetings?  How long are the meetings?  Where?

We meet the first Monday of each month at Sycamore High School, generally in the lower level teacher's lounge in the commons.  This year's schedule is posted under the Meeting Information section of this web site.

Meetings start at 7:30 PM and generally end by 9:00 PM (or when all agenda items are discussed). The annual meeting in May starts earlier - other exceptions are noted in the schedule.

Sycamore High School Athletic Booster Association Meetings are open to the public.  Everyone is welcome to attend all meetings; even if you are not currently a board member.

Are all Boosters volunteers?

The Booster Board calls upon its Booster Members (including the Booster Board), parents, district staff, alumni, and community supporters who are hard working volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of our students-athletes in the Sycamore School District. All board members must be a current dues paying member of the association.

How are the booster committees structured?

Standing Committees operate year-round and are made up of Concessions, Funding, Communications, Membership, Publicity, Program, Team Parent, Liaison, Junior High, and Underwriting. Special Committees operate each year for designated times during the year and include Audit, Constitution & Bylaws, and Nominating. Other Committees are After Prom, Annual Golf Outing, Social, and any others as deemed necessary by the board.  For a more detailed description of the committees, see the Bylaws, Article VIII. STANDING AND SPECIAL COMMITTEES.

How are funds distributed?

During a board meeting with a quorum of members present, distribution of funds are determined after a discussion and vote by attending members. This includes the “Wish List" requests. For more information about funds, see the Bylaws, Article X. FUNDS.

What are the funds used for that the Boosters raise?

The Board raises money for athletic program requests and needs like window air conditioners for the soccer and football stadium score booths, soccer goals, folding chairs for the indoor sports teams, volleyball stanchions, hockey gloves, balance beams for gymnastics, the football score board; landing pit cushions, blocking sleds, lacrosse equipment, pitching machines, padded gymnasium chairs, weight training machines and, the "Gator Cart".

What is the Wish List?

The Wish List is a formal process that allows each coach to submit specific requests for funding of items considered generally not in the normal budget. The attending board members vote on each request. See the Bylaws, Article X. FUNDS, Section 4. "Wish List” Appropriations.

What are Designated Funds?

Booster members may designate any monetary donation above the membership fee for a specific sport. This money is placed in the Designated Funds for the sport. The Head Varsity coach can spend the money to further the sport or program. For more information, see the Bylaws, Article X. FUNDS, Section 2. Designated Funds.

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